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Building up BC – Building Act

Posted in Construction, Municipal

The British Columbia Government has started to bring into force some of the key provisions of its new Building Act.

The Act, which was passed by the legislature in the early half of 2015, is intended to provide greater consistency in the building and construction industry, and to modernize and streamline the building regulatory system.… Continue Reading

Breaking the Mould – BC Introduces New Building Act

Posted in Construction, Policy

The Province of British Columbia recently introduced the new Building Act (Bill 3 – 2015) on February 12, 2015, which according to the Province’s newsroom, aims at modernizing the building regulatory system in British Columbia.

The proposed act seeks to:

  1. give the Province overriding authority to define standards regarding building activities such as the construction, repair and demolition of buildings to ensure that building requirements are consistent across British Columbia. By centralizing the regulation of building activities under the Province’s direction, the goal is to streamline the regulatory process to reduce costs and improve efficiency in British Columbia’s
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Action Plan: Protecting Heritage Homes in the City of Vancouver

Posted in Construction, Policy, Residential

In response to significant public pressure to stem the tide of heritage and character home demolition, the City of Vancouver’s review and update of its Heritage Conservation Program is underway and due to conclude in late 2015.

The Heritage Action Plan was approved by Vancouver City Council in December 2013. It contains 14 recommendations to better protect heritage buildings and character homes in the City, and to promote the recycling and reuse of materials from demolished buildings:

  1. Clarify direction on conditional and discretionary zoning to improve protection for those properties identified in the Vancouver Heritage Register.
  2. Simplify and streamline rezoning,
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