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Should I Challenge My Property Tax Assessment?

Posted in Commercial, Municipal, Property Tax Assessment, Residential

Ontario property owners are receiving notices of assessment this year that will serve as a basis for tax collections in 2017 through 2020. Values are set by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (“MPAC”) based on estimated January 1, 2016 market values. Municipalities will then use these assessments to determine your property taxes payable.… Continue Reading

One for the Price of Two – It Could Happen to You When You Buy Canadian Real Estate from a Non-Resident

Posted in Commercial, Residential

The first time I broke the news to a New York lawyer that his client would not receive the expected sale proceeds at closing was a memorable experience.   He launched into a profanity-laden tirade that culminated in a suggestion requiring a level of flexibility I do not possess. The experience could easily have been more memorable.   Had I not taken the necessary precautions discussed below, our client might well have been stuck paying double for his property and I would likely have had to deal with a lot worse than some colourful language.… Continue Reading

Hot Off the Press – Doing Business in Canada: Navigating Opportunities for Investment and Growth

Posted in Land Use, Policy

If your organization is currently thinking about establishing or acquiring a business in Canada, the newest edition of Doing Business in Canada, written by McCarthy Tétrault, will prove to be a valuable resource. The guide provides a broad overview of the legal considerations that non-residents should take into account to help ensure their success as they enter into a business venture in Canada. Each section offers timely information and insightful commentary on different areas of law.

The book includes a chapter on Canada’s real estate sector, with sections on:

  • land registration
  • environmental assessments
  • title opinions and title insurance
  • taxes
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